Affordable Luxury

In our manufactory facility, every single component of a Convex’s shower screen has been specially selected for its quality and durability.

Our Top Priority is Quality

Convex, the wholesaler of premium shower screens, has been designing and manufacturing innovative showering products for Australian homes. We have built a reputation for beautifully designed, precision engineered luxury shower screens that represent excellent value for money.

Our Grade “A” standard toughened glass is tested and certified as complying with the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standard 2208: 1996- Safety Glazing Material in Buildings.

Environment Care

We work hard together every day at Convex, but we also want to work hard together to make an impact in communities and environments. We choose Eco-Friendly packaging for all our products.

With each glass panel in a protective cardboard box & corner protectors the chance of chipping or stretching glass prior to install is reduced significantly. It also reduces the waste of chipped glass for landfill significantly.